Eskymart Co Ltd

A specialist in developing garden / bathroom supplies and tools, we can create new brass, zinc or aluminum products for you based on your drawings or samples. Our Taiwan factory features 20 CNC lathe machines, as well as automated assembly lines. So we can produce your orders completely in-house in 20 to 30 days while maintaining strict quality control.

We Value Quality

At Eskymart, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our customers depend on us to supply components with the highest quality and reliability.

We are a quality manufacturer for the following products:

  • Gardening Products
  • Bathroom Products
  • OEM for Metal Parts and Components
  • Eskymart is a Global Sources Gold Supplier


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    Garden Watering Time Controller

    Our water valves can be programmed to open as many as 8 times a day, making them ideal for sprinkler systems. They allow for convenient upkeep of farms, gardens, baseball fields or other places that require frequent watering.

  • Operate Battery: 9V (Last over one year)
  • Weekly Program, daily difference is available
  • Watering Duration from 1 min to 11 hours 59 mins
  • Up to 8 start times per day (8 Programs)
  • Filter included
  • Low battery indicator
  • Operating Pressure: Up to 15kg
  • Electronic water valve, CE approval
  • For drip and sprinkler system